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We strive to enrich the lives of children and recognize each child as a unique individual with different wants, needs, and personalities. Research shows the early years of a child's life are most important in leading the way for a lifetime of academic success. We want each child to feel accepted and loved for who s/he is.


We incorporate creative play, music, arts, and adacemics in our daily activities. Children and parents will move on from LHDS with enriching memories of fun and learning.


We provide a secure, nurturing, educational, and fun environment for your child. We have an open door policy for parents and encourage you to share experiences and activities with our classrooms. 


Our multi-purpose facility is safe with only one entry for parents and guests. Limestone Hills Day School is set on a two acre campus with spacious outside play areas.


   We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover





"Children make your

life important" 

~ Erma Bombeck

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